Six advantages of PET carrier tape

1.PET carrier tape. It has outstanding mechanical function, and the impact strength is 3~5 times that of other films, and the folding resistance is good.

2.Oil resistant, fat resistant, dilute acid resistant, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents.

3.PET carrier tape has excellent high and low temperature resistance, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 120 °C, short-term application can withstand 150 °C high temperature, can withstand -70 °C low temperature, and its mechanical function is very high at high and low temperatures. small.

4.Low gas and water vapor permeability, excellent resistance to gas, water, oil and odor.

5.High transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, and have good gloss.

6.Non-toxic, odorless, good health and safety, can be directly used for food packaging.


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