Pre-punched Paper Carrier Tape with Round Center Cavity

Model Number: SE-CT-009

Name: pre-punched paper carrier tape with round center cavity

Dimenstions: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, etc.
Application: SMD SMT encapsulation
Experience: more than 20 years experience
Certificates: RoHS

Payment Terms: T/T,  L/C, etc.
Capacity: 5000 Meter/Meters per Day
MOQ: 5000M
Sample Time: 3-5 days or according to customers’ requirements
Lead Time: 5-15 days or depend on final quantity.

Packaging Details: Cartons Or As customers’ requirement

Country of origin: China

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 Pre-punched Paper Carrier Tape With Round Center Cavity

  • No need to stick bottom cover tape, saving material and production cost
  • No static electricity, completely solve the problem that the product is difficult to be sucked out due to the electrostatic adsorption of the upper cover tape; no burr, completely solve the product “throwing” problem caused by the burr and dander of ordinary punched paper carrier tape.
  • With middle hole at the bottom of the carrier tape, it solves the problem of “throwing material” because the product is very thin and light when the gap between the product and the paper tape is very small.

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pre-punched paper carrier tape with round centr cavity


  • Process super large pre punched pockets and super small pre punched pockets, and can also design and process special-shaped pockets and medium hole paper tapes according to customer requirements.
  • The pocket depth (K0) can be limited according to the thickness of the paper tape.
  • The middle hole is free of burrs.

Product Parameters:

Pocket size(mm)

Middle Hole(mm)
Pocket Depth(K)(mm)
Custom Round
+∅0.160.14±0.0152.0±0.03 0.42       
Custom EllipseA:1.57±0.03B:2.16±0.03+∅1.00.30±0.054.0±0.03 0.42       
custom squareA:1.13±0.03B:1.13±0.03+∅0.50.33±0.054.0±0.03 0.42       
custom rectangularA:1.94±0.03B:3.20±0.03+∅1.00.30±0.054.0±0.03 0.42       
custom shapedA:2.78±0.03B:2.78±0.03+∅0.50.28±0.054.0±0.03 0.42