Cover Tape

Model Number: SE-CT-003

Name: Cover Tape

Width(mm): 5.4, 9.3, 13.3, 21.3, 25.5, 37.5, 49.5, 65.5, 81.5, etc.

Color: Transparent, Light Brown, etc

Material:  PET, PS
Certificates: RoHS

Payment Terms: T/T,  L/C, etc.
Capacity: 10000M/Hour
MOQ: 10000M
Sample Time: 3-5 days or according to customers’ requirements
Lead Time: 5-15 days or depend on final quantity.

Packaging Details: Cartons Or As customers’ requirement

Place of Origin: China

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Sewate Cover Tape seal into Sewate Carrier Tapes to help protect electrical and electronic components during transport and storage. Our cover tapes offer excellent sealing properties and smooth peel force to help ensure efficient SMT pick and place operations. The full line of cover tapes includes non-conductive and static dissipative products with heat activated (HAA) or pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs).

The top cover tape acts even more important than the carrier tape to the overall sealing performance, especially the PBF (Peel Back Force) is a critical issue in many applications of modern electronics industry. All of the cover tapes we supply to customers are carefully selected and tested to reach the ultimate function while applied in junction with our carrier tapes.

Sewate offers a full range of cover tapes to meet various requirements.

Pressure Sensitive Cover Tape

Sewate has pressure sensitive cover tapes for PS and PC carrier tape material. These re-sealable, high-transparency pressure sensitive cover tapes are perfect for both small trial runs and high volume packaging.

PSA Cover Tapes require different handling and handling than Heat-Activated Cover Tapes and are generally considered to be easier to seal than Heat-Activated Cover Tapes. PSA adhesive is a synthetic adhesive that maintains viscosity over a wide range of temperatures, including room temperature. Thus, the PSA Cover Tapes band seals them to the carrier without heating. To prevent the components from sticking to the adhesive, a liner was added to cover the adhesive. For continuous seal of PSA cover tape (cold seal).

Heat Activated Cover Tape

Sewate’s heat-activated Cover Tapes seal both polycarbonate and polystyrene Carrier Tape materials. They are all halogen-free and were developed to meet market requirements.

Both PSA and HAA cover tapes can be found in non-conductive and electrostatic dissipation versions. Some cover tapes are called antistatic and are generally considered to be the same as electrostatic dissipation cover tapes. Technically speaking, antistatic refers to the material that does not generate static charge when rubbing with the second material (friction electrification). Electrostatic dissipation refers to a material that can release charges by providing a mechanism for its surface resistivity. Non conductive materials are defined as having a surface resistivity (RS) greater than 10^12 ohms / square. Electrostatic dissipative materials are defined as having a surface resistivity (RS) between 10^5 ohms/square and 10^12 ohms/square. Conductive materials are defined as having a surface resistivity (RS) of less than 10^5 ohms/square.

Tape & reel for semiconductor (IC) or passive components is suitable for SMD / SMT (surface mount device / Surface Mount Technology) process. And the anti-static cover tape can be used for the packaging of surface mount devices (ESD protection).



Performance of Sewate Cover Tape

High consistent adhesion

• Suitable for a wide variety of electonic components

• Works well with Sewate Polycarbonate Carrier Tapes with steady peeling range performance; and on some other carrier materials

• Proven to perform with Sewate Carrier Tape materials of Polystyrene and Polycarbonate

• Good haze performance for efficient visual inspection of taped components

• Halogen-Free

• Contact Sewate for other widths and reel lengths per your requirements

Precisely engineered to withstand rigorous pick and place machine operation

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