Rubber End Plugs

Model Number: ST-ICE-002

Name: Rubber End Plugs

Color: White, Blue, black, red, yellow, purple and customized etc
Material: TPR

Shape: customized

Experience: more than 20 years tube packing experience
Certificates: RoHs
Payment Terms: T/T,  L/C, etc.
Capacity: 100000pcs/week
Supply Ability :The monthly output of final products is 150 tons.
MOQ: 10000 pieces
Sample Time: 3-5 days or according to customers’ requirements
Lead Time: 5-15 days or depend on final quantity.

Packaging Details: Cartons Or As customers’ requirement

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

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Rubber End Plugs

The rubber stopper plugs, nails/pins and packaging tube supporting the use of the rubber plug, the material is TPR and PVC, the nails/pins with the material is Nylon and ABS. Sewate have a large number of rubber stopper and pins/nails for you to choose: 

  • IC Tubes will need to have some form of stopper, plug, or pin at each end

  • Stopper Types:
    Rubber caps that go over the end of the tube

    Rubber plug stoppers that are pushed into each end of the tube

    Hard plastic caps that are pushed into the end of the tube

    Plastic pins that are pushed/pulled into holes that have been drilled into the tube

  • Colored plugs are available for some of the tube stoppers

  • Contact us for a price quote on your next tube and stopper project.

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Rubber End Plugs
Rubber End Plugs
Rubber End Plugs