How to choose the plug of anti static IC tube and its material

When the Anti Static IC Tube is produced, it is empty at both ends. Therefore, before and after the electronic components are loaded into the plastic tube, the IC tubes need to be blocked at both ends. Generally, there are plastic nails and rubber stoppers.

IC tube rubber nails are generally made of PA (Polyamide) material. The price of plastic nails is low, and the nails are well fixed. It can be used to fix the parts inside the tube in the place where it is needed. It is often used in ICs that require mounting parts on automated equipment. in addition, some IC tubes are relatively large in size, and some customers also use plastic nails, so the cost is also relatively lower than the rubber plug, because the larger the rubber plug, the more expensive.

IC tube rubber plug can be made with TPR or TPE. Through our many years of experience, most of the IC packaging tube is the best partner with TPR soft rubber plug, because TPR has rubber feel and resilience, and TPE is more Expensive than TPR material, but expensive does not mean that it is most suitable. When packaging products and disassembling rubber plugs, TPR rubber plugs are more convenient for operators to block and remove. Of course, some products require TPE rubber plugs for temperature and aging resistance.

In terms of price, the rubber plug price is slightly more expensive than the plastic nail, but the mold cost is cheaper than the plastic nail. The plastic nailed tube also needs to do one punching mold, so the customer can according to their own amount and need to consider the choice of plastic plug or plastic nail do plug.

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