Why the minimum order quantity of IC shipping tubes is so large?

Each industry has the unwritten regulation of each industry, the MOQ that resembles IC shipping tube is high also be the regulation of packing tube industry! This regulation is not to be difficult for customers, but a matter of cost, as long as the manufacturer thinks that even a small amount of packaging tube can be done and done is ok.

As for the plastic packaging tube, the MOQ is high because they need to re-mold, adjust the machine and measure the size of each tube they make. This process has already taken half a day for a master to start up the machine.

For example, our company adopts automatic equipment to produce antu static IC tubes. After the machine is adjusted, if the size of tubes is small, 1000 tubes can be finished in a short time without half a day. In general, the small amount of shipping tube in the boot cost, rather than the cost of the tube. So generally the minimum order quantity of packaging tube will be high, unless it happens to be in stock.

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