Four points to pay attention to when purchasing Anti Static Plastic IC Shipping tubes

Four points to pay attention to when purchasing Anti Static Plastic IC Shipping tubes

Selection of suppliers, the first is to choose the products provided by suppliers in the market. Could satisfy the requirement of certain product features because of the material is not the only, it has a variety of alternatives, select suppliers need to consider many factors, such as product quality, availability, price, delivery time, reputation, the power of suppliers, the after-sales service and other factors, but specific to IC Shipping Tube supplier selection, we think the following four points need to pay special attention to:

First: R&D and design capabilities of IC packaging tubes

The R&D and design capabilities of the supplier are very important. Independent R&D and design capabilities are one of the necessary factors to design an anti static ic tube that meets the requirements. A good supplier can design a shipping tube that meets the requirements by simply providing a part drawing.

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Second: IC shipping tube will not jam during the packaging process

Only when the design of the IC plactic tube is reasonable, the production process is stable, and the dimensional precision is well controlled, it will be more suitable for the handling of the automated assembly line, and it is not easy to jam.

Third: transparency of the IC tube

The high transparency of the IC shipping tube, no impurities and burrs, is beneficial to the production line staff to check the quality of the parts inside through the plastic IC shipping tube.

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Finally: IC shipping tubes are not easy to crush components during delivering, can you better protect IC components?

The flexible tube, good wear resistance and excellent toughness of the shipping tube are not easily damaged during delivering, so as to better protect your IC parts.                

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